Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Thank God for everything

Assalamualaikum .. finally i wrote on the blog again. What's on your mind hears the word "Thesis"? Final project in college, hard, look for the data, with the guidance of thesis supervisor, filed a thesis title, and others. Due on campus I can not choose to be a mentor faculty thesis, so I prayed a lot to God so that a good coach, because I do not know who the lecturer who loves to complicate students who are taking thesis. I filed two (2) title of the first essay about EFFECT OF WORKING CAPITAL MANAGEMENT COMPANY PROFITABILITY IN BEI (EMPIRICAL STUDY OF MANUFACTURING COMPANIES LISTED IN INDONESIA STOCK EXCHANGE YEAR 2008-2010) and the title of the second of ISLAMIC INFLUENCE BOND ISSUANCE (SUKUK) COMPANY OF MARKET REACTION (empirical Study on the Indonesia Stock Exchange on companies - companies that issue Islamic bonds in 2009-2011) and received the title of the first title. Announcement thesis supervisor is still two weeks .. let's wait and pray gets good coach: D,, two weeks later finally came out the names of the student and his thesis supervisor in the paste on the notice board. Anyone know who my thesis supervisor? hehe ..

As a result I do not use the title of my thesis about profitability but ask the title of the VAT to the lecturers,, thank God been allowed. If my supervisor said that menting you understand about the thesis that you do and can you explain and collect a minimum of seven books to support the additional data.